Welcome to the aviation section of my web site.

Here you will find the different areas of my aviation interests.  

I travel a lot for work and miss my family tremendously when I do.  However, one benefit of traveling is that I can enjoy my aviation interests from the road. In the various sections below you will find the airports I travel to, the museums I visit and the timetables I collect.  

It must be said however that I am an amateur photographer and often display shots that are not exactly "A" material.  Sometimes there is a fine line between documenting and enjoying an experience, for me enjoying always wins.  Never this less please browse around and hopefully enjoy. Feel free to send me an email chris@chriscummings.cc or leave a comment on my guest book below.

Museums, Flights, Air shows etc
This section contains special events and flights (DC-3), air shows and museums.  When I visit a museum or special event I attempt to take images of the various parts of the aircraft that you won't often find in the books.  I like access panels, bathrooms, cargo holds and crew rests.  I love ventral air stairs!

In the airports section you will see the airports, airlines and aircraft that fly to the various cities I visit.  I truly live for the architecture and history behind "modern look" facade of today.  This is really noticeable in some of my JFK photos and to some extent in the LAX shots as well.

Time Tables
I have been collecting timetables for years. It wasn't until I discovered eBay that my collection started to get some real history.  I have several timetables from the 1930's, airlines with routes to Cuba, TWA with an adult or family movie seating.  The list goes on and on.  Unfortunately I have even more truly classic items that I still need to scan.



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